The Author

The rich history and many mysteries of New England are the perfect backdrop for my books. Winding roads lined by old stone walls, forgotten cemeteries, grand homes with shadowy pasts...all sparks for my imagination. Whether it’s a quaint seaside town or the vibrant city of Boston, it’s easy for me to envision the past mingling with the present.


Taking it further – to have my characters experience the past or present opposite to “when” they belong – is the fun part. No surprise, some of my favorite stories involve time travel. And ghosts! Sprinkle in some magic, and we’re off on a great adventure!


It’s a dream come true to write the kinds of books I enjoy most. When I’m not writing, I’m taking photos of the beautiful landscape around me. I share my colonial home with those I love most…my wonderful husband and daughter, and our three crazy dogs.


I hope you enjoy my wild imagination and the stories that live there. Thank you for stopping by!