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Operation Snowball
A Dickens Holiday Novella
Heat Level - Sweet Romance

Can the perfect Christmas tree and a missing cat bring two lonely hearts together?


John Gridley hasn’t set foot on the family Christmas tree farm in years. He walked away from his legacy and the quaint New England town of Dickens. But when his father looks to end their private war and reaches out for help with the hectic holiday season, John agrees to return home. He expects to work hard and to face the reasons he left in the first place. What he doesn’t expect is to crash into love at first sight.

Heather Murphy has been a widow and single mother for five years. She’s busy raising a rambunctious ten-year-old girl and running The Library Cat Bookstore. Yet an annual visit to Gridley Meadows Farm to find “the perfect Christmas tree” sparks more than holiday spirit. Can the handsome Army veteran with tattoos and rough edges truly heal her heart? And will the townsfolk cheer on the drifter and the pretty widow? Or will their meddling cause the relationship to flicker out like a bad string of lights?

A homecoming story of hope and redemption, where love hangs on holiday wishes and the fate of a missing cat named Snowball.

Gavel and Garland
A Dickens Holiday Romance
Heat Level - Sweet Romance

Can a humbug and a holiday lover come together when wedding and Christmas bells ring?


Elizabeth McKenzie doesn’t hate Christmas. As the new mayor of Dickens, the quaint New England town famous for its holiday cheer, she has no time to enjoy it. And while she understands small-town politics, what she doesn’t get is people sugar coating problems during the hectic season. There’s much to be done, and she intends to prove she’s up to the task. However, she never imagined being blindsided by someone special. The Army officer in town for the wedding she’s officiating is annoyingly upbeat and handsome. Will he derail her agenda? Or can she slow down enough to smell the gingerbread and maybe meet him under the mistletoe?

Trekking around the globe to help animals and people is all Army veterinarian Daniel Murray knows. He’s not a fan of settling down, but there’s something wonderful about a place that embraces his favorite holiday. What’s even more appealing is Dickens’ feisty young mayor. Seems she has a knack for finding trouble. Dare he get involved with the beautiful humbug? Or should he avoid her like a stocking full of coal? It’s decision time for the self-proclaimed bachelor for life. Stay in the military, or open a vet practice right there in Christmas town?

stagingchristmasfc (1).jpg
Staging Christmas
A Dickens Holiday Romance
Heat Level - Sweet Romance

A comeback queen with a tarnished tiara. A computer nerd in over his head. All it takes is a car crash, a rescue dog, and a century-old ski lodge to make them believe in holiday magic.

Kendall Worthington lands herself on the naughty list the moment she crosses Dickens’ town line. No one anticipates a car accident. But leave it to her to wreck a local woman’s car. Not just any car. A wedding present from the lady’s beloved groom. It’s no surprise since Kendall considers herself cursed when it comes to love, romance, and all things weddings. After all her own nuptials disintegrated. Now she’s sworn off men and relocated to the place known for its holiday cheer to start over as a single, independent woman.

Jamie Frisk knows all about challenges, the latest being how he’s going to pay off the astronomical mortgage on the mysterious Dickens landmark he purchased on impulse. What’s a software engineer going to do with a massive, fixer-upper like The Iron Gate Lodge? Open it to paying guests again? His family thinks he’s crazy, and he’s beginning to agree with them. Thankfully, he’s got one very special woman with a flair for staging a comeback on his side.

Amidst all the spackle and paint—plus a hefty dose of holiday hijinks—these misfits manage to breathe new life into a place steeped in a legacy of love. Could they possibly host a wedding by Christmas? Working together they might just pull it off. And, with the help of Dickens’ magic, they may even fall in love along the way.

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