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Brianna - Always A Bridesmaid
Heat Level - Sweet Romance

Opposites attract when a fun-loving extrovert clashes with Mr. Meticulous. Prepare for sparks, and don’t forget to pack for adventure!

Brianna Hart is the life of every party, sharing stories about exciting people and exotic destinations. She’s been a bridesmaid more times than she can remember. Yet the independent travel influencer has no desire to wed. She’s too busy building a brand and having a good time. All that comes to an abrupt halt when she’s audited by the IRS. Unable to cancel an upcoming trip, her business mogul father steps in, suggesting one of his tax attorneys accompany her to sort the mess out. A tedious accountant/lawyer…jet setting with the woman who eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner in different countries? Feels more like punishment than a plan to Bri.

John Smith is unfazed by being called the most boring man on the planet. The epitome of conventional, he keeps a low profile and a tight schedule. He’s a much sought-after expert, after all. Clients pay big bucks for him to be prepared and precise. So why is he being saddled with a flamboyant trouble-magnet that doesn’t want his help? Surely someone else can babysit the boss’s daughter and get her out of a jam. Before he knows it, they’re off on a lightning-paced adventure. Should he really need dive gear and a machete to settle financials? And why is Brianna so extraordinarily kind and compassionate, not to mention desirable once he gets to know her?

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