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Time Travel? Can I Pack?

Time Travel? Can I Pack?

Enjoy a lighthearted look at time travel in this fun blog post. First shared on Jen Twimom's That's What I'm Talking About

Hey there, Samantha Merrill here from Haunting Highland House, Kathryn Hills’ debut novel in the Time Traveler’s Journey series. I’m a time traveler on a mission, yet at first I was reluctant to go. More of an accidental time crasher, I feel like I’m driving without a license or catching the red-eye from LaGuardia to who knows where. Is anyone ready to travel if they don’t know when or where they’re going? Can I pack?

Each new year has most of us dreaming of a fresh start. I walked away from the glitz of Manhattan, taking a less than stellar job as the property manager of Highland House. It seemed like a good idea, some much needed R&R at a beautiful historic estate. What could go wrong? It’s Cape Cod for heaven’s sake! But nobody warned me about the hunky ghost OR the time portal waiting to suck me back to 1883.

Turns out, the ghost is a time traveler, too. Robert Pennington a.k.a. the love of my life. He’s the head of a rich and powerful family with an overbearing mother and a pushy girlfriend. My arrival on the scene caused serious commotion. Let’s just say, if a stranger from the future showed up in your mansion wearing sexy pajamas or crashed your sister’s birthday ball in a stolen museum gown… You get the point.

I’m a “frequent flyer” now, so I pack for unexpected trips. Once I was that woman in the airport. Cart laden with suitcases, looking like I stepped from the pages of a magazine. Today I’m stuffing a backpack with essential no twenty-first-century woman would want to do without. Makeup, pain relievers, tampons… Honestly, you have no idea what those poor women endured back then!

No more sky-high heels for this fashionista. I’ve traded in my wardrobe for a whalebone corset and a bustle. Did I mention Robert’s mother tried to kill me with a hideous green ballgown?

It’s a difficult fit to squeeze into the stiff Victorian lifestyle, but I’m doing my best. Robert is worth every hard-earned minute I spend back then. You see, he’s got this killer smile…sort of tilted and subtle. And his dark hair is just a bit unruly, especially when he comes home after a long ride…

Listen, I’ve got to go as I may have to pop off soon. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my time traveling woes. Sometimes, the good old days aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, yet they’re exactly “when” you want to be. Don’t forget to pack your best dress. And maybe a favorite book. Like Kathryn Hills’ Haunting Highland House. Pssst… It’s available now.


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