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Meet Georgie!

Staging Christmas - A Dickens Holiday Romance is a special book for me. The greatest reason being this sweet, big, loveable fellow. Meet Georgie!

To say I’m inspired daily by our latest rescue “good boy” would be a major understatement. Georgie endured many hardships before finding his way to us. I’m happy to share that he’s been on a long road of recovery and thriving since the summer of 2023. The wonderful people at SWEET PAWS RESCUE made it possible. I am eternally grateful for the gift of pure love they gave to me and my family in the form of this wonderful dog. The moment I met Georgie, I knew he’d be a character in one of my love stories. He’s just that special!

Heartfelt thank yous go out to ALL the amazing organizers, rescuers, fosters, and volunteers at Sweet Paws Rescue!

Check out their website. Donate, volunteer, and maybe even find your next furever best friend through them.

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